5 Things To Do On Maui During The Holidays

There’s a saying in Hawai‘i: Maui No Ka Oi. It means that Maui is the best. If you like getting outside to experience what Hawai‘i has to offer, Maui does all of it very well. The same can arguably be said about the holidays on Maui. From the top of Haleakala to...

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5 Things to Do on Oahu for the Holidays

So, you’re on vacation in Hawai‘i and the holidays are just around the corner. Though there’s always plenty to do in the Aloha State, Christmas and the New Year get especially festive. From meeting Santa Claus at the beach to watching pro surfers duke it out in...

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Sound of Silence

In our Maui Revealed book, we highly recommend the Sliding Sands trail, which descends from the summit of Haleakala into the crater. This hike may be the closest thing to walking on a lunar landscape that any of us who aren’t named Buzz will ever experience. But...

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What about island hopping?

Another question we frequently get is “what about island-hopping?” This is a tough call. A lot of people like the idea of being able to visit two or more of the islands while here. The reasons to do it are obvious: you get to see and experience another island, for...

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Which island should I pick?

It’s a question we get a lot: Which island should I pick? If you’ve never been to Hawai‘i before, picking which island to visit for the first time can be a challenge. They are all incredibly beautiful, but in very different ways. We’d love it if you bought all four...

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What’s up with all these alerts?

The past few months have been more interesting than usual here in Hawaii. First we’ve had an unusually active hurricane system (a few close calls but no direct hits, thankfully). Then we faced threat of a tsunami due to an 8.3 magnitude earthquake that rocked...

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