Sound of Silence

In our Maui Revealed book, we highly recommend the Sliding Sands trail, which descends from the summit of Haleakala into the crater. This hike may be the closest thing to walking on a lunar landscape that any of us who aren’t named Buzz will ever experience. But...

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What about island hopping?

Another question we frequently get is “what about island-hopping?” This is a tough call. A lot of people like the idea of being able to visit two or more of the islands while here. The reasons to do it are obvious: you get to see and experience another island, for...

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Which island should I pick?

It’s a question we get a lot: Which island should I pick? If you’ve never been to Hawai‘i before, picking which island to visit for the first time can be a challenge. They are all incredibly beautiful, but in very different ways. We’d love it if you bought all four...

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What’s up with all these alerts?

The past few months have been more interesting than usual here in Hawaii. First we’ve had an unusually active hurricane system (a few close calls but no direct hits, thankfully). Then we faced threat of a tsunami due to an 8.3 magnitude earthquake that rocked...

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Mount Wai‘ale‘ale, Rippling Waters

The center of Kauai is called Mount Wai‘ale‘ale, meaning “rippling waters.” It is here that you will find the rainiest spot on the planet with an average of 432 inches. Rain around the rest of the island is a fraction of this. The ancient Hawaiians recognized the...

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Hiking tips

Don’t take this the wrong way, but hiking in Hawai’i will kick your butt. We believe you, that your past, outdoor-adventuring accomplishments are impressive and were no cake walk. We have cake-walk types of hikes here, too. It’s just the hard ones tend to be very...

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Reading Ocean Conditions

As much as ocean safety is discussed on Hawai’i, a lot of warnings center around watching out for high surf, rip currents and strong shore break. Many people who visit have very little experience with the ocean and those that do aren’t used to ocean conditions on...

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A sign of the times

We came across this sign at a beach park the other day, and just had to share our thoughts. We just thought this was a rather refreshing sign (excuse the bad pun, but it works here.) In all the years we’ve spent exploring the islands we’ve never seen a sign like...

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