An Outdoor Excursion: Escape from the Casinos

We didn’t mean to make the title of this blog sound so life-or-death. Truth is, we go to Vegas to get lost in a timeless fantasy land of slot machines and endless drinking, but just because we love the eternal party-vibe of the Strip and Downtown, doesn’t mean we don’t sometimes crave a little variety. The outdoor locations around Vegas are absolutely stunning. And we don’t throw that word around willy-nilly (we also try not to throw the word “willy-nilly” around).

The variety of options for outdoor activities outside of Vegas is rival to the variety of options for indoor activities in Vegas. Red Rock Canyon, Lake Mead, and even the Grand Canyon (for those unafraid of a mini-road trip) are all incredible and viable destinations for anyone staying in or around Las Vegas. For now, we’ll stick to just giving you a quick rundown of a few of our favorite areas.

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is all about enjoying the great outdoors. The most straight forward activity that requires relatively little gear (besides water, sun protection, and proper footwear) is hiking. Hiking excursions range from short strolls to long treks, and choosing the right trail depends on the time you have and your fitness level. If you’ve got some time to plan things out and budget, there are some great biking opportunities to check out. To really get the full experience, consider some of the campgrounds and the prime stargazing areas.

A overhead view of Lake Mead, created by the Hoover Dam on the Colorado River in the Southwestern United States, is a vast reservoir.Lake Mead

Spent enough time in casinos and hotels? Activities around Lake Mead are all about getting outside and experiencing the water and surrounding landscape. A great location for boating, hiking, stargazing, camping and so so much more. Lake Mead is probably our personal favorite destination. There’s nothing more satisfying than a long, hot dusty trail ending in water so cold it’ll knock your breath away. Bonus points if you can stop in the hot springs for a nice juxtaposition of water temperatures.

The Grand Canyon (heard of it?)

This ain’t necessarily the easiest of the trips, but call it an ‘excursion’ or ‘adventure’ (which it certainly is) and enjoy the journey as well as the destination. Obviously the Grand Canyon is a hugely popular spot and doesn’t need much talking-up from us. But we’ll do it anyway. The easy truth is it’s worth the drive, spend the night in the area for some breathtaking stargazing, enjoy the colors and the grandiosity of nature. And if you really wanna splurge, then helicopter or raft through the canyon for that once-in-a-lifetime experience which might even bring a tear to your eye.

We get it if you feel like spending your Vegas vaycay playing Black Jack and watching raunchy shows, just know there’s a ton of stuff out there just waiting to be explored!


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