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Living in the digital era gives you the leverage to make travel plans on your smartphone. If you are planning a trip to Hawaii, we have a list of the best travel apps for you. These Hawaii travel apps provide options from translating Hawaiian words to checking traffic updates. Having this information on your phone also makes life more convenient since these apps can use your geolocation to find whichever service is closest to you. In the basics chapter for each of our books we include all the information you need on packing lists and deciding where to stay on an island, but today we thought we’d discuss how to prepare the tool you’ll always have with you—your phone. We want to make your trip planning as simple as possible so you can spend your time falling in love with Hawaii’s many wonders. Below we list the top 10 apps to help plan your best trip ever. 1. Hawaii Revealed App  Hawaii Revealed Travel showcasing multiple screens such as driving tours, activities to do in Hawaii islands, and reviews We had to include this gem on our list! The app isn’t just our guidebooks in app form; it lets you filter through all of our unbiased reviews so you can plan your ideal trip. We can also send updates straight to the app, so you are notified of any highway closures or news on lava flow. Not to mention our custom maps are incredibly easy to use on the app and shows your exact location on the islands. No other Hawaii travel app combines both interactive maps and reviews of the islands’ best spots. You can download Hawaii Revealed app iOS app or Android app. 2. Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Honolulu Star Advertiser App that's showcasing various Hawaiian News Articles Hawaii’s only print newspaper has an app. Get news on what’s happening across the island with breaking news, weather, traffic, as well as features on local establishments. Articles on the app include multimedia and videos, and premium content is marked with a blue star. You can also read the print version page by page on the app. Contains ads, free to download on Google Play Store and the App Store. 3. Discount Hawaii Car Rental Discount Hawaii Car Rental App showcasing quick search and pick up locations No matter what island you’re on, your vehicle should be prepped for all kinds of adventure. Find the car you need with Discount Hawaii Car Rental. They offer vehicles from several car rental companies and require no prepayments. The best part is you’re able to cancel your rental anytime. Free to download on Google Play and the App Store. 4. Hawaii Traffic Cameras Hawaii Traffic Cameras app showcasing multiple screens such as various locations on what traffic is going on See what traffic is like from your bed! This is a huge time saver and will definitely make for your best trip to Hawaii ever. The app shows you highways so you can see how things are moving along before you make your way. The app also has cameras on beaches so you can check out the crowds. Widgets are available so you can place your most-checked cameras on your home screen. The camera feeds are from Honolulu’s government website and Maui’s windsurfing website. Only available on Android. Contains ads, only available on Google Play. 5. Ready Hawaii Ready Hawaii App showcasing various screens of planning and maps Stay safe during your stay with the Ready Hawaii app. This app is from Hawaii’s Department of Emergency Management and has instructions on what to do in a tsunami, hurricane or any threats that may be approaching the islands. The app has a checklist for emergency supplies and features maps with evacuation routes and nearby shelters. You can also learn about Hawaii’s disaster history and receive public health alerts. Free to download on Google Play and the App Store. 6. English Hawaiian Dictionary English Hawaiian Dictionary App allowing to translations and cultural word significants Hawaii is the only U.S. state with two official languages, Hawaiian and English. In order to better understand the culture, you can download a translator. This app works offline and stores words you have previously translated so you can easily go back and look them up again. If you are connected to WiFi, you can use the text to speech mode as well. Contains ads, free to download on Google Play and the App Store. 7. Surf News Network Surf News Network keeping track on the weather on ocean waves for water activites to be safe Get the latest updates on surf reports in Hawaii from one app. Surf News Network gathers information from the National Weather Service on tides, forecasts, and buoys. You’ll be able to ride the waves in no time with a quick check on your phone. Although Surf News Network is only available on Android devices, iPhone users can download the free apps MSW Surf Forecast or Surfline, or download Hawaii Surf Reports for $0.99. Free to download on Google Play. 8. GreatLife Hawaii GreatLife Hawaii mobile app with events, announcements and movies There’s no shortage of entertainment in Hawaii! The GreatLife Hawaii app has general information on places to eat, recreation and entertainment venues, and sports facilities. The app also has real-time movie listings from Sharkey Theater as well as notifications for any closures or special events. You can get GPS directions to the facilities and add upcoming events to your phone’s calendar. Free to download on Google Play and the App Store. 9. Happy Hour Hawaii Happy Hour Hawaii mobile app allowing locals to find specific happy hours start times and locations It’s Happy Hour somewhere in Hawaii! This app consolidates menus, locations, and business hours of restaurants that have happy hour deals. You can also filter the restaurants by happy hour start time, and the app will automatically show you the ones closest to you. You can even buy tickets to events and receive special deals right from the app. Save your favorite happy hour locations and share with friends!   Contains ads, free to download on Google Play and the App Store. 10. Libraries Hawaii Libraries Hawaii mobile app allowing people to search for specific books or authors If your best trip to Hawaii involves relaxing on the beach with a good book, then this app is for you. The Hawaii State Public Library System has an app where you can browse books in nearby libraries, place a hold and see your checked-out items. See details such as reviews and availability for books, movies, and other items in the library. The app also lists events taking place at each library. Free to download on Google Play and the App Store. Preparing as much as possible beforehand will ensure smooth sailing and make for your best trip to Hawaii. These apps cover everything from activities to weather reports to the latest news and give you a well-rounded view of what to expect on your trip to Hawaii. Make sure to also check out our Know Before You Go pages on each island for more tips on visiting Hawaii. Know any other apps that made planning your trip easier than ever? Leave us a comment and let us know!  

Andrew Doughty - Author
Andrew Doughty

Andrew Doughty is the famous author of the widely popular Hawaii Revealed series including Kauai Revealed, Oahu Revealed, Maui Revealed and the Big Island Revealed. He moved to Kauai many years ago after he fell in love with the beauty of the islands and decided to never go back. He is known for his candid opinion on each of Hawaii’s attractions, be it a restaurant, a helicopter ride, a beach or a resort. For the last two decades, he has managed to keep his identity anonymous so that his reviews can remain unbiased and only be influenced by his own opinions and thoughts. You can learn more about his beautiful journey at this link – About the author


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