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Our smartphone app revolutionizes our guides to Acadia National Park. A spectacular place along the beautiful, weather-worn Maine Coast. We help guide the miles of beautiful roads, paths, and trails with our mobile app and audio drive tours. From the beautiful tidepools and rugged coastline to the interior woods and marshlands, our GPS-enabled custom maps allows to precisely pinpoints legal and safe routes while you visit the National Park. It delivers the same blend of humor, candid insights, and trustworthy information you’ve come to rely on, now conveniently pocket-sized. If you’re planning a vacation-or just a weekend trip-to Acadia National Park, find Revealed Travel’s app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Revealed Travel Guides App

Acadia National Park Drive Tour

Explore Acadia National Park within our updated guide. With the audio tours, it pointing out noteworthy sights, offering advice on must-see spots (and ones to skip), and sharing captivating stories from the park’s history, folklore, and our own adventures over the years.

This narrated drive tour app serves as an excellent standalone guide.Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned explorer of Acadia, download the drive tour to let our experts enhance your experience.

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Author’s Note

I have spent over three decades exploring and writing about the Hawaiian Islands, sharing the amazing things to see and do there. It still is one of the most incredible travel destinations in the world and I will continue to be your trusted guide whenever you choose to visit Hawai’i. But we all feel that tug to explore new places at some point and I’ve been bit by the travel bug.

It started with Las Vegas around five years ago. I’ve always known Vegas is the kind of place where you could spend months exploring and still not see half of what it has to offer. I was not wrong-Vegas does not disappoint as a travel destination. You won’t believe just how many things I’ve found to do and see in Las Vegas, both in the city and the surrounding areas. (There’s so much content there that I had to go all digital through my smartphone app to hold it all.) Now I’m expanding my horizons even farther. Revealed Travel is venturing forth into our incredible National Parks. And this time it’s not just written guides-I’ve created audio driving tours as well. Look forward in what we have in store for Revealed Travel Guides in the coming weeks and months.

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