To go or not to go, that is the question.

Hawai‘i is loaded with spectacular hikes, including numerous waterfalls and breathtaking vistas. With all this beauty, you probably won’t spend much time researching the safety of some of these places. After all, you’re on vacation, and you’ve got to soak up as...

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Food Trucks, Not What You Might Think

The food truck phenomenon is alive and well here in the Rainbow State.  Not that it ever really had to catch on here.  Back in the sugar plantation days of the late 19th century, food trucks fed the workers with foods as varied as the resident’s backgrounds.  These...

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Try something new

We at Hawaii Revealed are adventurous. Not just in our search for hikes, waterfalls and reefs, but also when it comes to dining. Hawai‘i is such a unique place in the world and the blending of cultures over time has brought some amazing food to the table, so to...

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Doing the Right Thing (Pono) When You Visit

The islands of Hawai‘i are the most geographically isolated landmass on the planet. These mountain-islands, rising high out of the Pacific Ocean, actually create weather around them and also have some of the most varied environments anywhere. It has been said that...

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Say Cheese!!!!

There are countless hours put into every sentence in our books. But double that amount of time (we know…how can you double something we describe as infinite?) for the pictures you see amongst the text. The pictures you see in our books can take hours, even days to...

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The plight of the Hawaii Honeycreeper

The ‘amakihi, also known as the Hawaiian honeycreeper is a small green/yellow songbird that is endemic to Hawai‘i. It has long been thought of as being extremely hearty and adaptable to habitat change. They are foragers who feed on mostly nectar, supplemented with...

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Sign of the times.

We came across this sign at a beach park the other day, and just had to share our thoughts. We just thought this was a rather refreshing sign (excuse the bad pun, but it works here.) In all the years we’ve spent exploring the islands we’ve never seen a sign like...

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Coconut Water

Coconut water is all the rage in the beverage world these days. As trendy as it has become, Polynesians have known the benefits of coconut water for millennia. Just to clear something up, coconut water is what you get when you open up a fresh, green coconut....

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