The flower of the passion fruit or lilikoi.

What Kind of Fruit is That?

Hawaii is unlike any other destination in the U.S.A. Besides the fact that the Hawaiian Islands are over 2,000 miles away from the North American continent, our tropical environment makes for an ideal place to grow all kinds of fruit that you don't regularly see in...

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My Favorite Camping Spots in Hawaii

Ah, camping in the tropics. The ultimate in low-price lodging is offered by Mother Nature herself. Although each island varies in its camping options, you can find some pretty amazing spots across the state. You can find campgrounds at county parks, state parks and...

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Where to Cool Down in Vegas

Las Vegas is a place of extremes. Not just in opulence and vice. The weather can play a big role in where you go and how you spend your time. Obviously the casinos are climate controlled and are ready to welcome you in no matter what the conditions are. Winters can...

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Beach Day Essentials

What's the plan for the weekend? If you're in Hawaii, the answer is often a no-brainer. The beach! No matter where you stay in Hawaii, the ocean is usually only a few minutes away. (Traffic and roadwork not withstanding.) Many of us that live in Hawaii have a bag...

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Where to Walk and Gawk on the Las Vegas Strip

Visiting the Las Vegas Strip for the first time can be…overwhelming. It's a whirlwind of lights, sights and sounds, all vying for your attention. Exploring the entirety of the Strip can take all day, and then some. Meanwhile, some of the casinos and resorts are so...

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Hawaii and Tsunamis: What to Know

In a nod to the 78th anniversary of the deadliest tsunami to strike the islands, Hawaii's governor recently declared April to be Tsunami Awareness Month. Tsunamis are something many people have heard of, but few have experienced. When it comes to natural disasters,...

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Hula: The Dance of the Hawaiian Heart!

With the 61st annual Merrie Monarch Festival coming up next week (March 31–April 6) in Hilo on the Big Island, I've been thinking about hula lately. Not just the graceful dance moves or the beautiful costumes, but the story behind it. Hula is like a living,...

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Holidays in Hawaii: Prince Kuhio Day

Hawaii has a number of state holidays you won't find on the mainland. What's more, Hawaii is the only state in the U.S.A. that has holidays dedicated to royal figures—King Kamehameha and Prince Kuhio. (Given the nature of our origin story, the idea of monarchy and...

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