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COVID-19 Information

Like the rest of the country, Hawaii has been deeply affected by the Covid-19 virus. Currently, the state of Hawaii has a mandatory 14-day quarantine policy for residents and visitors alike. When you get off the airplane, you will be processed. You are required to go straight to your accommodation and stay in your room for the full two weeks. After that, you are free to do whatever you want. The state is very good at making sure you don’t violate the quarantine order and have arrested many people who thought they could violate it.

The governor has announced that as of September 1st, visitors will be about to avoid quarantine if they test negative for Covid-19 test 72 hours prior to flying to Hawaii. Below are some resources to help you find a place to do the test. In mid-July, your humble author, Andrew Doughty, recently returned from a trip to the mainland. He went to a CVS Pharmacy drive-through, self-administered a swab, and got his results sent to his phone in less than two days. (It wasn’t the older-style test that went halfway through your head—it was not an uncomfortable test.) When Hawaii opens up, if by chance your test results are not available by the time you land, you will have to quarantine until your negative test result comes in.

Overall United States List:

Below is some specific state info:
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