Maui Revealed Guidebook Updates

Maui Revealed Guidebook Updates

Updates to 11th Edition

It happens every time. The day after we send the files off to the printers for our brand new edition, somebody changes something that directly affects what we write. Several times we’ve e-mailed these changes to the printers. (It’s our only chance to yell that classic publisher line, Stop the presses!) But after the presses roll we’re left shaking our heads, saying, “Yeah, we know that changed. We’ll correct that in our next printing.” The internet is the next best thing to yanking back all the books in print and scribbling in the changes that always occur.

At Wizard Publications we continually strive to bring you the most up-to-date and accurate information on the islands. We are the only publisher who updates our books every time we reprint them. So if you see the updates below already listed in the book you just bought, you may have a recent printing.

The updates below are for the 11th edition of Maui Revealed.

 Note: all pages numbers refer to the printed edition of the book.

  • Maui Fires and Recovery — On August 8th and 9th, catastrophic fires destroyed Lahaina and parts of Upcountry Maui. Recovery will be ongoing for a while but the local government and community request that visitors return to Hawai‘i and the areas of Maui not directly impacted by the fires. Maui needs your support, in every sense of the word. You can find more information on the situation and how you can help on our blog pages.
  • Kahili Golf Course (pages 211 & 212) is still essentially closed. Only allowing limited hours, walking-only, play on Saturdays. You have to call the pro shop to book a tee time, no online availability.
  • Makena Stables (page 228) is closed for trail rides indefinitely due to rising costs.
  • (Ok, this isn’t really an update but we thought we’d put it in here to help avoid confusion). We’ve gotten a few emails asking us why the time-saving road linking Wailea with Kula upcountry isn’t on our maps (though it is on other maps). At the risk of sounding self-serving, the other maps are slightly… not right…Ok they’re wrong! That road is private, gated and not accessible. We won’t print it if we haven’t driven it. Same for the Oprah Highway…
  • Akamai Mother’s Rentals (page 37) is now part of Maui Travel Supplies, which also rents beach and mobility equipment.
  • Dolphins (mentioned in South Maui page 142 & 143 and in Activities under Boat Tours): Companies that promised close encounters with dolphins aren’t able to do that anymore. You are not allowed to get up close and personal with them either as of late 2021. Click here for the ruling from NOAA.
  • Biking Downhill (page 185) As of Feb. 1, 2023 downhill bike tours have been limited on Maui. Both guided and unguided tours on Haleakala are now only allowed to operate along specific sections of specific roads. Individual companies will be making adjustments to their tours and we will be making updates as the dust settles. If you already have a tour booked or are interested in this experience, please reach out to those businesses for details.
  • Maui Spearfishing Acedemy (page 256) their tour price is now $239.
  • Booch + Coco phone number should be 808-707-0043.
  • Feast at Lele prices have shot up to well over $200 and continue to rise as are other lu‘au.
  • Huaka‘i Lu‘au is moving and is closed for now.
  • Kalei’s Lunchbox no longer has a food truck but both other locations are still open.
  • Kula Lodge has new owners, we will be back to re-review them soon.
  • Maui Brewing Company (Kihei) phone should be 808-201-2337.
  • Monsoon India is now called Monsoon Bar & Grill.
  • Ohana Seafood Bar & Grill phone number should be 808-868-3247.
  • Prison Street Pizza phone number should be 808-563-5150.
  • Tante’s Fishmarket is now Tante Ma‘alaea Restaurant & Bar
  • Volcano Bar is now Wailea Surf Haus. We’ve not yet had a chance to revisit them.
  • Wei Wei Café & Noodle House phone number shold be 808-298-0960.
  • ‘Ami ‘Ami 
  • Dollies North Shore Pub & Café
  • Nachos Grande
  • Paia Bay Coffee & Bar
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