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Resorts by Name

Hale Kai o Kihei

(800) 488-6004 or (808) 879-7288
1310 Uluniu Rd, Kihei
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This condo building is older than most in the area but seems well maintained. It’s a long oceanfront building, so everyone gets a good view, especially from the second and third floors. The beach they’re on is marginal, but during whale season it’s a good place to be. Units are smallish here. 1/1s (550 sq. ft.) are $128–$335, 2/2s (825 sq. ft.) are $150–$320. 5- or 7-night minimum.

2020-07-09T15:51:39-10:00 Rating: No Award

Kealia Condominium

(800) 265-0686 or (808) 879-0952
191 N Kihei Rd, Kihei
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An institutional-looking condo building. It’s real windy and dusty here, but they do a good job of keeping up with the problem and spend a lot of time on pre-cleans. Most of the units have been nicely upgraded, so ask for one, but they still feel small to us. The 2/2 units are by the ocean and have good views. The studios face the street and park, and what little ocean you see is partially blocked by large trees. Some of the 1/1s can only accommodate two people. The pool area is nice, and you’re on the beach, so the buildings block some of the wind. Free coffee and donuts every Friday ,and pupu parties on Wednesdays. Attentive staff here. Ultimately, you can get more space for the money elsewhere. Studios (420 sq. ft.) are $140–$160, 1/1s (556 sq. ft.) are $185–$245, 2/1s (730 sq. ft.) are $245–$295. 4- or 10-night minimum. Longer stays get discounts.

2020-07-09T14:12:11-10:00 Rating: No Award

Kihei Bay Vista

(800) 808-3138 or (808) 879-2700
679 S Kihei Rd, Kihei
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It’s amazing that you can build a condominium so relatively close to the ocean and manage to have virtually no ocean views. Units are very clean, and some have been upgraded more than others, but the price is hard to beat. Unless you enjoy road noise, don’t bother paying extra for an ocean-view unit. Building C may be your best bet. 1/1s (659 sq. ft.) are $115–$175. 4-night minimum. Discounts on longer stays, and some rooms can be had for only $99 for seven or more nights.

2020-07-09T15:58:32-10:00 Rating: Solid Gold Value

Kihei Beach Resort

(855) 627-9527 or (808) 879-6284
36 S Kihei Rd, Kihei
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All these condo units face the ocean, and some are pretty close to the water. Overall, the units themselves are unremarkable, though a few have been updated. But their proximity to the ocean is excellent. In the 2/2s, the master bedroom is on the ocean side of the unit, so you get to enjoy the sounds of the surf. Ground floor views aren’t as good as the floors above. Washer/dryers are in the 2/2s (all others use the coin-op laundry room). 1/1s or 1/2s (631–648 sq. ft.) are $169–$290, 2/2s (936–1,010 sq. ft.) are $234–$399. 5-night minimum. Discounts for longer stays.

2020-07-09T16:00:43-10:00 Rating: No Award

Kihei Kai

(808) 891-0780
61 N Kihei Rd, Kihei
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In north Kihei, this skinny, two-story walk-up condo building is sandwiched between two larger resorts. Views are pretty marginal from all but the oceanfront units. The building is tucked away from the main road and is fairly quiet, with the pool away from the ocean. The overall quality is good; we didn’t see any bad units. Even ones with original kitchen cabinets were in remarkable shape and clean. The staff is warm and thoughtful. Guests get chocolates upon check-in. Their community cats—Smokey, Squeaky, Kolina and Kula (where are Doc and Sleepy?)—are well-loved. You’re right on the beach. Rates are good, though the units are on the small side at 520 sq. ft., the lanais nicely extend the living space. 1/1s are $143–$237 4- or 7-night minimum. Even more discounts are available on their website.

2020-07-09T16:01:47-10:00 Rating: Solid Gold Value

Kihei Sands

(800) 882-6284 or (808) 879-2624
115 N Kihei Rd, Kihei
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This condo complex in windy, dusty north Kihei has small kitchens and rooms that felt overpriced to us. Ground units A1–A8 have poorest views (but were all recently renovated)—which they call ocean view. (We think that is too generous a category for mostly grass and a sliver of water.) The two- and three-bedroom units are loft-style. They have four units that directly face the ocean.

The management here has made improvements to the property over the years, and you can see that they care about the guests. They changed windows in some units closer to the road to block the street noise, which seems to work well. It’s on a broad, sandy beach with a pleasant pool area. They serve free coffee by the pool in the mornings and sometimes have pupu parties. Some units have DVD players. 1/1s (650 sq. ft.) are $163–$307, 2/2s (750 sq. ft.) are $219–$456. 3/2s (850 sq. ft.) are $286–$464. 7-night minimum in winter.

2020-07-09T16:02:40-10:00 Rating: No Award

Koa Lagoon

(800) 367-8030 or (808) 879-3002
800 S Kihei Rd, Kihei
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What a steal! Though the condo building isn’t overly impressive from the outside, the concrete walls hide an incredible find (and block the sound as well). Exceptionally stunning oceanfront views with West Maui as part of the backdrop. Rooms are impeccably clean, comfortable and large. Six floors; the upper ones may have some palm tree crowns in the view. The beach isn’t a good swimming beach, but it’s pretty. This is one of the best deals in North Kihei. The on-site agent we list will take great care of you if you rent your unit directly with them. 1/1s (697 sq. ft.) are $180–$210, 2/2s (979 sq. ft.) are $210–$240. 5-night minimum.

2020-07-09T15:57:28-10:00 Rating: Solid Gold Value

Koa Resort

(877) 583-2401 or (808) 264-8442
811 S Kihei Rd, Kihei
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This resort sits across the street from the ocean on a 5-acre lot with a large swimming pool and lots of shade trees. The two- and three-bedroom units are on the second floor with one loft-style bedroom. Four-bedroom units are two-story townhomes. The units have been upgraded for the most part. All units have some type of A/C, but it may not be in every room—so ask. There is a large variety of layouts available. If you don’t like your unit, ask for another. Lots of long-term rentals here. 1/1s (751 sq. ft.) are $125–$195. 2/1s or 2/2s (863–1,067 sq. ft.) are $150–$300, 3/2s or 3/3s (863–1,240 sq. ft.) are $275–$475, 4/3s (1,900–2,000 sq. ft.) are $375–$650. 4-night minimum.

2020-07-09T15:57:48-10:00 Rating: No Award

Kohea Kai Resort Maui

(800) 532-6284 or (808) 879-1261
551 S Kihei Rd, Kihei
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The resort has been lovingly renovated, and the rooms are very nicely furnished. Each unit is slightly different, but all are pleasant and clean. It’s across the street from the ocean, but the ‘Ilima building is very close to the road. The ‘Ohi‘a Lehua building has obstructed views of the ocean but a roof deck area on which to relax has better views. They also have a very pretty patio area. The Hibiscus building is farthest from the road and has the pool. Sunsets from their deck are great.

This property has a 24-hour desk and grab-and-go food available. Free hot full breakfast every day as well as bike rentals and other beach gear available on site. Great staff here with a lot of aloha.

Their latest rate increase cost them their Solid Gold rating for this edition. There are no room safes (some were planned at press time), but you may use the one at the front desk. DVD players are available upon request.

2020-07-09T15:58:59-10:00 Rating: No Award


(800) 808-3138 or (808) 879-2700
998 S Kihei Rd, Kihei
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A cute, quiet condo building that faces the ocean across a large green lawn. The units are small, adequate and clean. Upper floors have better views. 1/1s (596 sq. ft.) are $139–$230, 2/1s (811 sq. ft.) are $210–$300. 5- or 7-night minimum. Discounts on longer stays.

2020-07-09T15:52:01-10:00 Rating: No Award

Luana Kai

(800) 669-1127 or (808) 879-1268
940 S Kihei Rd, Kihei
Visit website

The grounds are very tidy and tropical at this condominium. Their beach is not a great swimming beach, but it’s pretty. If you’re down by the pool, there’s an additional kitchen there to cook your meals. There are four 3-story walk-up buildings, but only buildings A and D directly face the water. The 3/2s and some of the 2/2s are simply top floor units with loft-type bedrooms, but they have windows, so they’re not as dreary as others we’ve seen. The upper price difference represents “deluxe” units, which probably are worth the extra $20. If you want A/C, it will run you an extra $25–$30 per day but is only available in some units. Staff has a family feel and is consistently pleasant. 1/1s (800 sq. ft., but feel smaller) are $129–$209, 2/2s (1,000 sq. ft., but also feel smaller) are $159–$269, 3/2s (1,200 sq. ft.) are $259–$309. 4- or 7-night minimum.

2020-07-09T15:52:22-10:00 Rating: No Award

Ma‘alaea Surf

(800) 423-7953 or (808) 879-1267
12 S Kihei Rd, Kihei
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Don’t be confused by the name of this condominium; it’s not in the town of Ma‘alaea. Landscapers do a great job; the resort looks well-maintained. Rooms are comfortable and clean, though some could use updating. There are eight buildings scattered around the five acres, and all seem to have nice views. Buildings A, D and H have glorious oceanfront locations. Compared to their more institutional-looking neighbors, this resort really embraces the ocean. Ma‘alaea Surf isn’t cheap, but it’s upscale for Kihei. Rooms are large and nicely furnished. Housekeeping is done three times per week. A few units do not have room safes. There is a basketball court on site. Some of the 2/2s are loft-style (with spiral staircases), but we prefer the one-story, ground floor 2/2 units. 1/1s (759 sq. ft.) are $220–$405, 2/2s (1,100 sq. ft.) are $295–$580. 5- or 7-night minimum.

2020-07-09T16:01:12-10:00 Rating: A Real Gem

Maui Sunset

(800) 233-3310
1032 S Kihei Rd, Kihei
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This complex consists of two long, hockey stick-shaped concrete condo buildings that are a bit quieter than others in the area. Hallways can be looong, so bring comfortable shoes. Rooms feel cramped, and the bathrooms are tiny. The angled walls probably looked good on paper but are annoying when you add the furnishings. One-bedroom units are closest to the road. They now have “premium” units available for around $15–$30 more per night. These might be worth the upgrade, but they don’t feel premium enough to us.

They have nice landscaping and a walking beach over a large, public, green lawn. Building A has kayak and windsurfing lock-ups, as well as tennis rackets, shuffleboard equipment, golf putters, and miscellaneous sports equipment for a fee. 1/2s (681 sq. ft.) are $143–$335, 2/2s (939 sq. ft.) are $210–$440. 4- or 7-night minimum. The agent listed above is not located on Maui. Other agents also have units here.

2020-07-09T14:12:34-10:00 Rating: No Award

Menehune Shores

(800) 558-9117 or (808) 419-8707
760 S Kihei Rd, Kihei
Visit website

An oceanfront condo horseshoe-shaped building with good views and very private balconies. Rooms are clean and the resort well-kept. The units in the curve of the building are slightly larger, and the 3/2s have two bedrooms on the ocean side. Sweet! There is a beach next door, but it’s not the best for swimming. If you get a unit without air conditioning (most don’t have it), you’ve gotta keep the windows open to stay cool. The 2/2 units are on both wings of the building, so they do not face the ocean as directly as the 3/2 or 1/1s units do. 717 sq. ft. 1/1s are $200–$250, 815 sq. ft. 2/2s are $210–$290, 3/2s (1,219 sq. ft.) are $340–$380. 3-night minimum.

2020-07-09T15:58:13-10:00 Rating: No Award

Nani Kai Hale

(800) 367-6032 or (808) 879-3328
73 N Kihei Rd, Kihei
Visit website

This condo is in windy and dusty north Kihei with access to a wide, sandy beach. The building orientation affords some good views of West Maui at the expense of most full-on ocean views. The pool area doesn’t embrace the ocean like other resorts in the area. Rooms are clean and range from nicely updated (closer to ocean) to needing updating. Units ending in 09 directly face the ocean. Some units don’t have phones. There is no front desk, but they do have nice an on-site manager. Not a compelling place to stay, but acceptable in a pinch if you got a good rate. 1/2s (675 sq. ft.) are $125–$265, 2/2s (828 sq. ft.) are $180–$245. 5- or 10-night minimum.

2020-07-09T16:02:19-10:00 Rating: No Award

Nona Lani Cottages

(800) 733-2688 or (808) 879-2497
455 S Kihei Rd, Kihei
Visit website

A quaint resort across the street from the ocean. Incredibly nice folks run the place, and they make you feel like visiting family here. Stand-alone cottages are scattered around homey grounds with lovingly maintained fruit trees, hammocks and a massage hale. Cottages have full kitchens. They’re not luxurious, but they’re clean. This is an alternative to the condos in Kihei for those looking for a more quiet, ohana-style experience. The main house has the three suites (no kitchens) on the first floor. These are quaintly decorated. We liked suite C best, but it has no lanai. No phones in the rooms. Cottages (400 sq. ft.) are $189–$230. Suites (335–360 sq. ft.) are $158–$195. 2- or 4-night minimum. No minimum on suites.

2020-07-09T15:59:20-10:00 Rating: No Award

Sugar Beach Resort

(800) 367-5242 or (808) 879-2778
145 N Kihei Rd, Kihei
Visit website

This large condo complex is in north Kihei. Views of the coast vary from nice to blocked. If you get an inside courtyard-facing unit, go above the first floor for better views. Most units we saw with the above agent looked adequate. Walls are thick and deaden sounds well. There are a lot of agencies that rent at this property, so check our rental agent list.

The biggest problem with Sugar Beach is the environment. This area is downwind from agricultural fields. Whenever work is being done in the fields of the Central Valley, dust get kicked up in huge plumes and covers the resort and surrounding area. This part of Maui is often windy (winds usually kick up around 11 a.m–1 p.m.). You’ll probably have a great time—when nature cooperates.

The beach it’s on is long and has okay swimming (but not snorkeling) during calm seas, but is really best for walking.

2022-07-14T15:51:31-10:00 Rating: No Award

Village By The Sea (aka Kauhale Makai)

(800) 451-5008 or (808) 879-5445
938 S Kihei Rd, Kihei
Visit website

An oddly named condominium property that is much closer to the road than the sea, but it’s probably tougher to rent units at a place called Village by the Road. The buildings have a very institutional, dreary feel. Views are partial ocean at best for most, and higher floors look over the hilly area between the condos and the beach. Floor plan is a bit strange, but the bedrooms are on the ocean side (if you’ve got one facing that direction). Overall, many units could really use an upgrade and had a musty smell, in our opinion. But some owners have nicely upgraded their units. There’s a putting green and shuffleboard court on site. The resort sits on a scraggly lawn that you have to get cross to get to the ocean. Uh, why are you here? Studios (686 sq. ft.) start around $200, 1/1s (799 sq. ft.) are $215, 2/2s (745–975 sq. ft.) start around $250. 4-, 12- or 14-night minimum.

2022-07-14T15:27:11-10:00 Rating: No Award

Waiohuli Beach Hale

(800) 808-3138 or (808) 879-2700
49 W Lipoa St, Kihei
Visit website

The grounds at this condo complex on a thin beach are well-tended and tropical. Rooms are average-sized. Units may not exactly have the latest granite counters and appliances, but they’re clean. Most have A/C in the living room and/or bedroom. A few units may not have DVD players or phones. Though oceanside, lower units have almost no view, and upper units have only marginal views that get better as you get closer to the ocean, such as building D. 1/1s (664 sq. ft.) are $120–$199, 2/2s (960 sq. ft.) are $179–$220. 3-, 5- or 10-night minimum.

2022-07-14T14:04:28-10:00 Rating: No Award
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