Maui Sunset

by | Aug 17, 2012

This complex consists of two long, hockey stick-shaped concrete condo buildings that are a bit quieter than others in the area. Hallways can be looong, so bring comfortable shoes. Rooms feel cramped, and the bathrooms are tiny. The angled walls probably looked good on paper but are annoying when you add the furnishings. One-bedroom units are closest to the road. They also have “premium” units available for more per night. These might be worth the upgrade, but they don’t feel premium enough to us.

They have nice landscaping and a walking beach over a large, public, green lawn. Building A has kayak and windsurfing lock-ups, as well as tennis rackets, shuffleboard equipment, golf putters, and miscellaneous sports equipment for a fee. 1/2s are 681 sq. ft., 2/2s are 939 sq. ft. 4- to 7-night minimum. Other agents also have units here.


(800) 233-3310
1032 S Kihei Rd, Kihei
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