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Resorts by Name

Hale Kai

(800) 446-7307 or (808) 669-6333
3691 Lower Honoapiilani Rd, Honokowai
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A mid-’60s condo building but still in decent shape. Some unit interiors are on the old side, some are more updated, but they’re all clean. Free rooms safes in a couple of units. There are two buildings. Rooms 101 and 102 have the best views and feel very intimate with the ocean. There are steps leading down to a small sandy beach. Pool users on the ocean side might get splashed from the ocean—cool! Rooms on the park side of the building face Honokowai Beach Park, which can get a little loud on weekends. They will often try to accommodate late check-outs, and the staff is nice here. In the past we have withheld our Solid Gold rating from them because overall, we felt the units could use updating. However, they have lowered the prices even more since our last visit, and that earned them a Solid Gold Value for this edition. 1/1s (600 sq. ft.) are $99–$235, 2/1s (851 sq. ft.

2020-07-10T09:33:15-10:00 Rating: Solid Gold Value

Hale Mahina Beach Resort

(855) 701-0986 or (808) 667-7088
3875 Lower Honoapiilani Rd, Honokowai
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Decent oceanfront condo location with seawall in front and a small beach. The grounds are very well-kept. Units are clean; some are nicely updated, but some could use more updating. We like the way the windows above the sliding doors make the rooms brighter. The bedrooms are in the back, so you might notice road noise from them. Building A faces the ocean more directly. A few units may have a room safe. 1/1s (690–704 sq. ft.) are $155–$300, 2/2s (top floor only loft-style at 917–1,440 sq. ft.) are $230–$390. 5- or 7-night minimum.

2020-07-10T09:35:44-10:00 Rating: No Award

Hoyochi Nikko

(800) 487-6002 or (808) 669-0089
3901 Lower Honoapiilani Rd, Honokowai
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This condo building is well cared for and has small but very well-kept grounds. It’s about 100 feet to the water, and the shoreline is sometimes sandy, sometimes not. In past editions they received a Solid Gold Value, but on this visit we felt the rooms were overdue for some updating. Rooms 101 to 104 and 201 to 205 are slightly larger than the rest. Though built close to the street, they use safety glass (like the kind in your windshield) to deaden the street noise, and it works really well. In short, an OK place to stay. Parking lot is very small here, so don’t rent a Hummer. Rates 1/1s (479–520 sq. ft.) are $165–$250. 2/1s, which have their second bedroom as a loft and are 611–679 sq. ft., are $200–$260. 4- or 7-night minimum.

2020-07-10T09:36:06-10:00 Rating: Solid Gold Value

Ka‘anapali Shores

(855) 747-0763 or (808) 667-2211
3445 Lower Honoapiilani Rd, Honokowai
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This condominium got a major refresh in 2014, and it’s still looking good with a new garden pool. The main building is nine stories high, and you may need to get above sixth floor in some units before the good views kick in. The best views are from the four-story low-rise units that overlook the ocean with Moloka‘i in the background.

The wedding gazebo offers pretty good privacy for those with nuptials on their minds, and photos from there should have a pretty background. (They offer one free photo anywhere on property to guests.) They have a nice fitness center, but you have to pay $5 extra to use it, because it’s not owned by the resort. Their keiki program is $35 a pop (plus a one-time $10 registration fee for a T-shirt) and includes lunch, but it’s not available every day. Casabellas (two chairs with cover) by the pool and around the property will run you $39 a day.

2020-07-10T09:30:38-10:00 Rating: No Award


(800) 222-8688 or (808) 669-8197
3785 Lower Honoapiilani Rd, Honokowai
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There are only one-bedroom units at this condominium on a rocky shoreline. Some units face away from the ocean and should be avoided. There’s a nice lawn between you and the ocean seawall, but the pool’s in front of the building, so you can’t see the ocean from there. They have two categories—superior and ultra. It’s only $10–$20 to upgrade from a superior to an ultra, and it’s worth it to upgrade. Some units have a phone and a DVD player; others may not. Most units have A/C, but not all. 1/1s (598 sq. ft.) are $159–$245. 3-night minimum.

2020-07-10T09:35:03-10:00 Rating: No Award


(800) 367-6088 or (808) 669-6119
3741 Lower Honoapiilani Rd, Honokowai
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Very nice ocean proximity at this condominium with a small beach (beyond a sea wall) that comes and goes. The developer must have really loved wood shakes (or gotten a good deal on them) because they cover everything. Roof, walls—it looks like fur on the exterior. Rooms are good overall, but some could use more updating. Units 209 and 309 are desirable extra-wide units that stretch over the pool gangway, providing lots of wiggle room. The grounds are tidy with pretty gardens. They have weekly pupu parties by the pool. Some units have phones. 2/2s are upstairs with loft-style bedrooms. 1/1s (589–775 sq. ft., including lanai) are $139–$260, 2/2s (948–1,439 sq. ft., including lanai) are $207–$335. 3- or 5-night minimum.

2020-07-10T09:34:13-10:00 Rating: Solid Gold Value


(800) 367-5633 or (808) 669-8080
3959 Lower Honoapiilani Rd, Honokowai
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This condominium is mostly long-term, owner-occupied and timeshare, but there are some vacation rentals. The buildings are amazingly ugly and painted the same color as the dust that coats them, but the groundskeeper does a nice job. They have two small, rocky beaches (and a rocky path out into the ocean with a metal ladder for easy access), but snorkeling along this part of the coast is not great due to poor visibility. Rooms are clean, but most are unremarkable and need updating. Some units have A/C in the bedrooms, and some units have phones. A few units have a washer/dryer while others use coin-op. There’s a pingpong table in the lobby area and shuffleboard on property. 1/1s (480–890 sq. ft. with the kitchen part of the main living room in the smaller-sized units) are $165–$255. 2/2s with second bedroom as a loft (988–1,212 sq. ft.) are $305–$395. 3- or 5-night minimum.

2020-07-10T09:36:26-10:00 Rating: No Award


(866) 303-6284 or (808) 669-8110
3833 Lower Honoapiilani Rd, Honokowai
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All these condos have a great oceanfront location with the lanais about 27 feet from the water. There’s a small, nomadic beach next door and sometimes in front (though the water isn’t great for swimming). The pool is on the street side, so no views of the ocean from there. The second floor 2/2s are townhouse-style (bedrooms upstairs) and have a big kitchen with a spacious feel, plus two lanais. These are a particularly good value. They have two room categories: deluxe and premium. If you want a more updated unit, go for a premium. Some have A/C for an additional fee. Some units may not have a phone. Nice staff here. To be this close to the ocean for this price makes this an easy Solid Gold Value. Rates are $159–$259 for 1/1s (560 sq. ft.), $249–$378 for the 1,120 sq. ft. 2/2s. 3-night minimum.

2020-07-10T09:35:23-10:00 Rating: Solid Gold Value

Mahana at Ka‘anapali

(855) 747-0763 or (808) 661-8751
110 Kaanapali Shores Pl, Honokowai
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Two condo buildings right at the ocean’s edge contain four different layouts. The 1/1s have a lanai in front of the bedroom, but the common room has none. This results in better views from the common room (if the windows are clean) and a lanai buffer for the bedroom. The sound of the surf with bedrooms on the ocean side is great. Rooms vary a lot, ranging from average to really decked out. If you don’t like your room, ask for another. There’s a grocery store across the street. Shuffleboard on site. Rack rates are waaaay overpriced, but most rooms are part of packages, and presumably you got a much better deal. Studios (540 sq. ft.) are $519–$555, 1/1s or 1/2s (938 sq. ft.) are $619–$719, 2/2s (1,418 sq. ft.) are $999–$1,045.

2020-07-10T09:29:45-10:00 Rating: No Award

Mahina Surf

(800) 367-6086 or (808) 669-6068
4057 Lower Honoapiilani Rd, Honokowai
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All these condos have ocean views. Building B is farthest from the ocean but has nice, full-on ocean views. A & C are closer, but the view is a little oblique. The resort is very clean and has pretty grounds on a rocky shoreline. Unit quality is clean and adequate. In all, a nice, comfortable place to stay for the money. Lots of stairs on property. Some units may have shower-only bathrooms (no tubs). 1/1s (547 sq. ft.) are $165–$295, 2/2s (which are second floor, and the second bedroom is a loft-style at 850–950 sq. ft.) are $205–$340. 3- or 7-night minimum. For stays of 7 night or more, they waive the cleaning fee.

2020-07-10T09:37:19-10:00 Rating: No Award

Makani Sands

(800) 227-8223 or (808) 669-8223
3765 Lower Honoapiilani Rd, Honokowai
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A brick-shaped condo building that’s close to the water, with a skinny beach out front that comes and goes. Some rooms are great, some are adequate, but all are clean. The three-bedroom units are loft style on the top floor. The pool’s in front of the building, so you can’t see the ocean from there. First floor units and a couple of others have in-room safes. Weekly pupu parties. 1/1s (650 sq. ft.) are $149–$255, 2/2s (850 sq. ft.) are $222–$295, and the massive 3/3s (1,650 sq. ft.) or 3/4s (1,950 sq. ft.) are $282–$475. 3-night minimum. Longer stays get better rates.

2020-07-10T09:34:33-10:00 Rating: No Award

Maui Kai

(800) 367-5635 or (808) 667-3500
106 Kaanapali Shores Pl, Honokowai
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Though this condo building is old (1969) and the exterior relatively unimpressive, this one’s a winner and the best priced in this area. The place is impossibly close to the ocean—around 25 feet!—so rooms look almost straight down into the water. Their sandy beach is narrow but gets wider next door. The pool obviously wouldn’t fit on the ocean side, so it’s tucked away on the mountain side and has no view, but there’s a computer for you to use, free Wi-Fi and a kitchen at the pool to cook your meals. There’s also a grocery store across the street.

Units vary a lot, but we didn’t see any we wouldn’t want to stay in. They have DVD players and free DVDs (newer releases) for loan in the office. Some of the studio units have pull-down wall beds—get out of bed, pop it up, and you have the whole room. Corner units offer particularly tasty views.

2020-07-10T09:30:08-10:00 Rating: Solid Gold Value

Maui Sands

(855) 701-0986 or (808) 667-7088
3559 Lower Honoapiilani Rd, Honokowai
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Mostly long-term condos at this property, with some vacation rentals. Seven buildings scattered around 2.8 acres. It was built in two phases in 1966 and 1969. Buildings 4 and 5 are oceanfront, with the second floors having the best views thanks to some bushes blocking first-floor views. The grounds have lots of large trees that also may block views, if you have a view from the back buildings. Washer/dryers in some units; others share a coin-op laundry room. Rooms vary considerably. 1/1s (562–638 sq. ft.) are $120–$190, 2/1s (888 sq. ft.) are $180–$315. Note that building 7 has no access to the pool on property. 5- or 7-night minimum.

2020-07-10T09:32:31-10:00 Rating: No Award


(800) 367-6030 or (808) 669-8374
4095 Lower Honoapiilani Rd, Honokowai
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This condo on a rocky shoreline has a variety of room layouts and decor, but most are comfortable, and the resort’s clean. Their proximity to the water, especially from the Anthurium Building and the north side of the Orchid Building (where turtles are often sighted), is wonderful, and that alone gives it a Solid Gold Value. The latter building may be noisy, though, as it is fronted by the pool. Their spa/hot tub has an admirable view of the ocean. It’s mesmerizing to hear the waves on the rocks so close below.

Honeymooners and anniversary couples get champagne and mac nut chocolates. There’s a free mai tai party once a week with live music, and lei-making class and free coffee by the pool every morning. Free laundry room for studios (other units have washer/dryers). Housekeeping is provided every other day.

2020-10-06T15:58:45-10:00 Rating: Solid Gold Value


(800) 822-7368 or (808) 669-8208
3723 Lower Honoapiilani Rd, Honokowai
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Wow, it’s hard to get any closer to the water than some of these condo units. Rooms ending in 03 have the most intimate proximity to the beach, around 25 feet. We can’t think of many places this close to the water in West Maui. Many of the other rooms have enviable proximity as well.

Room layouts are unusual. Most builders create condos long and skinny to pack in as many oceanfront units as possible. Here, the layout is broad, so your main room and your bedroom are both on the ocean side. What a great touch! Units are clean but not posh. Washer/dryers in the 2/2s; the rest use a coin-op laundry room. Grounds are tidy, and there’s a small sandy beach in front. 1/1s (700 sq. ft.) are $215–$255, 2/2s (850–1,050 sq. ft.) are $280–$310. 3-night minimum, more at Christmas.

2020-10-06T15:59:47-10:00 Rating: No Award

Paki Maui

(800) 367-5004 or (808) 669-8235
3615 Lower Honoapiilani Rd, Honokowai
Visit website

This condominium resort has a good oceanfront location. A reef offshore creates a fairly protected beach area, good for kids during calm seas and low tides. The ocean view from the pool is completely blocked by shrubs, though, which is disappointing.

The rooms, though laid out fairly well, often have cheap furnishings and don’t seem as clean as others in the area. The oceanfront studios have better layouts than the 1/1s because the beds are on the ocean side, so opt for a studio if you don’t need the extra room. Avoid the 1/1s with a garden view. Washer/dryers in some two-bedroom units. The ocean view is worth the extra money here. The rack rate is overpriced, but few pay it. Studios (525 sq. ft.) are $179–$299, 1/1s (550 sq. ft.) are $149–$349, 2/2s (1,227 sq. ft.) are $239–$449. Aston (the second agent listed) also has units here for more money.

2020-07-10T09:32:51-10:00 Rating: No Award

Papakea Resort

(855) 747-0763 or (808) 665-0880
3543 Lower Honoapiilani Rd, Honokowai
Visit website

Eleven condo buildings scattered around 13 acres of pretty grounds fronting a narrow beach. Some garden view units overlook pretty koi ponds. Your resort fee gives you access to weekly mai tai parties and fitness classes like yoga, tai chi, swimmersize, etc., as well as a weekly putting tournament on their putting greens. There’s also shuffleboard and pickleball here.

Studios here have a good layout and feel larger than their 454 sq. ft. Some 2/2s have a loft as well. Rooms vary considerably. Bathrooms have small tubs at the bottom of showers. The front desk is not associated with Aston and may or may not be able to help you with problems, but the staff is very nice.

The rack rate seems much higher than what it’s worth; hope you got a better deal. Studios (454 sq. ft.) start around $450, 1/1s (620 sq. ft.

2022-07-22T14:38:01-10:00 Rating: No Award


(855) 701-0986 or (808) 667-7088
3701 Lower Honoapiilani Rd, Honokowai
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This small condominium property has a great oceanfront location, less than 50 feet to the water, and is very tidy. It’s on a small, sandy beach that comes and goes. Kitchens in some units are small but functional. In all, a reasonable place to stay for the money with a very intimate feel. This used to be part of Hale Kai, so room layouts are similar to that property. 1/1s (618 sq. ft.) are $145–$285, 2/1s (682 sq. ft.) are $225–$405. 5- or 7-night minimum.

2020-07-10T09:33:35-10:00 Rating: No Award

Polynesian Shores

(800) 433-6284 or (808) 669-6065
3975 Lower Honoapiilani Rd, Honokowai
Visit website

This condo property is almost identical to the Mahina Surf with similar room layouts. Of the two, we liked this one more because the buildings seem to have better views overall, and the unit prices are slightly better. Their rocky coastline sometimes has a small beach. Too bad they had to move the BBQ area—it’s no longer by the beach (thank you to the county for saving us from ourselves). Bi-monthly pupu parties. Lots of stairs on property. 1/1s (600 sq. ft.) are $180–$325, 2/2s (1,100 sq. ft.) are $260–$400. 3- to 7-night minimum, depending on season.

2022-07-22T14:16:13-10:00 Rating: Solid Gold Value
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