Hula: The Dance of the Hawaiian Heart!

With the 61st annual Merrie Monarch Festival coming up next week (March 31–April 6) in Hilo on the Big Island, I've been thinking about hula lately. Not just the graceful dance moves or the beautiful costumes, but the story behind it. Hula is like a living,...

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Holidays in Hawaii: Prince Kuhio Day

Hawaii has a number of state holidays you won't find on the mainland. What's more, Hawaii is the only state in the U.S.A. that has holidays dedicated to royal figures—King Kamehameha and Prince Kuhio. (Given the nature of our origin story, the idea of monarchy and...

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Hazards in Hawaii—Sun, Surf and Stings

Ahhh. Vacationing in paradise. You've left the rat race for a brief, blissful respite in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. What could go wrong? Unfortunately, plenty. We all tend to throw caution to the wind to some degree when it comes to vacationing....

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Hawaiian Reefs—Why is it that…?

If you’ve ever gazed into an aquarium and wondered what it was like to see colorful fish in their natural environment, complete with coral and strange ocean creatures, you’ve come to the right place. Hawai‘i features a dazzling variety of fish. Over 600 species are...

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Place of Refuge: More Than a Historic Park

In South Kona on the Big Island, there is a very special place named Pu‘uhonua o Honaunau, also called Place of Refuge. (This is a good opportunity to work on Hawaiian pronunciations—POO-OO-HO-NEW-AH O HO-NOW-NOW.) Though it can be difficult to pronounce, it is is...

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