Helping Maui

Helping Maui As most people know, the town of Lahaina suffered a catastrophic fire on August 8th. We at Hawai‘i Revealed are heartbroken at the loss of life and the loss of this incredibly historic town. It is almost impossible to grasp what has been lost, but we...

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PSA: Be Wary of Online Reviews

So, I was reading an article in The New York Times about online reviews. The title was “The Best Book Reviews Money Can Buy.” It was about how reviews on and others are often faked reviews that authors and publishers actually pay for. Whole companies...

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Kalua Pig in a Crockpot? You betcha!

Ok, so if you've been to a Lu‘au, you have most likely tried Kalua pork. In a traditional setting it takes days to prepare and requires a fire, lava rocks, banana stalks, chicken wire and a lot of other stuff you might not find in your local Whole Foods. Normally...

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Loco Moco, a Hawaii Culinary Masterpiece

The Lodge at Kokee makes a truly classic looking moco. If you've visited Hawaii, and eaten at virtually any restaurant, you most likely will have seen an item called the Loco Moco. Consisting of four items (that you would virtually never think would go together)...

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