National Parks Revealed: New Drive Tours

Aloha, fellow travelers!

It’s finally happened—new locations and new adventures from Revealed Travel Guides! Up to this point, I’ve been pretty island-centric when it comes to travel guides. (Okay, so Las Vegas isn’t an island, people in Hawai‘i just call it the 9th Island.) I’ve now focused my travels on our great country’s National Parks and have found more than I even imagined. There’s so much to share that both newcomers and seasoned National Park buffs will appreciate.

Drive Tour through Great Smoky Mountains National Park

When friends and relatives visit the park with me, I often end up tagging along with them in the car showing them around and expanding on things that I didn’t have room for in guidebooks. I always wished I could do that for all my readers, and now through the magic of smartphone technology, I can.

My Acadia National Park Drive Tour and Great Smoky Mountains National Park Drive Tour apps are just like having me in the backseat showing you around. (It’s actually better, because you don’t have to buy me a mai tai at the end of the day.) I have personally narrated all the places we will drive and include lots of additional information, stories and legends, along with the occasional personal story associated with a particular place. Your phone’s GPS triggers the narrations as you drive over specific points in specific directions and doesn’t require a cell signal, so don’t worry about being out of range. I absolutely love writing and sharing the things I find in my travles, but creating these audio tours has been one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done. I hope you enjoy using them as much as I did creating them.

Drive Tour of Acadia National Park 

You can find the drive tours in my Revealed Travel Guides smartphone app. Since it’s GPS aware, you can make your own route and go at your own pace while I explain the sights and steer you away from the things that aren’t worth your precious vacation time. But it’s not just driving tours—even more in depth guides to these locations will be releasing soon.



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