Test our new GPS audio tour apps, personally narrated by Andrew Doughty!

If you have our Hawaii Revealed app and are on the islands right now (Kaua‘i, Maui or Big Island—we’re still working on O‘ahu) or will be here in a matter of days, you are eligible to be a free beta tester for our new iOS GPS audio tour app. (Sorry Android folks, we’re still working on your edition.)  It’s like having the author, Andrew Doughty traveling with you in the car, personally showing your all the cool stuff and filling the journey with tips, stories and more. (In fact it’s even better, because you don’t have to buy him a mai tai at the end of the day.)

Send us an email to audiotesters@hawaiirevealed.com with the following information: your name, what island you’re on, what type of device you’re using and what iOS version you have on it. If you want to give us your phone number so we can call you, feel free to add that in (but it’s not required). We’ll send back instructions on how to download it and get you set up with the app. Then sit back and let the app do all the work as Andrew tags along with you over the car stereo. Make sure to tell us what you think. That’s what being a beta tester is all about.



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