Helping Maui

Helping Maui

As most people know, the town of Lahaina suffered a catastrophic fire on August 8th. We at Hawai‘i Revealed are heartbroken at the loss of life and the loss of this incredibly historic town. It is almost impossible to grasp what has been lost, but we wanted to let you know the fundamentals of what happened.

The fire started in the morning upslope of Lahaina and authorities thought it was contained, but it flared up later and rushed down the hill, propelled by monstrous winds from a passing hurricane south of the island. The winds were so strong they pushed the fire at unprecedented speeds. Residents of Lahaina had almost no warning as the fire roared in their direction. Most people were able flee but many were unable and perished due to burns and smoke inhalation. The current death count is high and expected to go higher, making this the most deadly natural disaster in Hawai‘i’s history. All of downtown Lahaina and nearly all the homes in the area have been destroyed. All the boats in Lahaina Harbor burned and sank in place. All communications were knocked out when the cell towers burned. The governor has asked visitors to leave Maui and those intending to come to postpone their trip while the island deals with this disaster.

Though Maui will open back up to tourism in the future, the lives of those who lost everything are forever changed. People will be homeless and jobless for a long time and these people will need all of our help. 

We’ve compiled a list of organizations you can donate to as well as local businesses offering their support. Please reach out to us if you have any other suggestions.

Hawaiʻi Community Foundation

Maui Strong Fund

The Maui Strong Fund was created to provide community resilience with resources for disaster preparedness, response, and recovery. They will provide resources that can be deployed quickly, with a focus on relief and recovery for the devastating wildfires.

Hawaiʻi People’s Fund (Follow their IG for more updates)

Maui Aloha: The People’s Response

Support frontline grassroots heroes mobilizing to mālama ʻohana affected by the wildfires on Maui. Funds raised through this effort will move critical resources to past, present, and future community partners committed to seeing our beloved community through this storm.

Maui Rapid Response (Follow their IG for more updates)

Maui Mutual Aid

Grassroots monetary fund being distributed quickly to vulnerable residents in need.

Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement (Follow their IG for more updates)

Kākoʻo Maui

If you are able to donate, they will double it. CNHA is partnering with Kamehameha Schools, Alakaʻina Foundation Family of Companies and Kākoʻo Haleakalā to match up to $1,000,000 in community donations for ʻohana impacted by the devastating wildfires on Maui.

Maui Humane Society (Follow their IG for more updates)

Fire Relief Fund

Pet food, pop-up kennels, and litter are pivotal to providing sustenance to animals, as staff and volunteers are putting together kits for families and animals in need. For those on the mainland looking to help, supplies can be delivered directly to them via their Amazon Wishlist and monetary donations will be crucial to cover the costs of the lifesaving medical treatments necessary to save animal lives affected by the fires.

Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii to benefit Lahaina Hongwanji

Maui Wildfire Disaster Relief Fund

Raising money to benefit members of the Lahaina Hongwanji Mission and relief efforts on Maui in the aftermath of the devastating wildfires of August 2023. Lahaina Honganji Mission is a Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Temple of the Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii, and any donation will have an immediate impact.

Maui United Way

Maui Fire Disaster Relief

All donations will provide direct relief to families and nonprofits directly affected by the Maui Fire Disaster.

University of Hawaiʻi Foundation

Help Maui

Maui College students already include the most vulnerable. Now many of those students and their families are being directly impacted by the fires, whether they have lost homes, businesses or jobs. As the new school year starts, please help keep students, faculty, staff and their families resilient during this unprecedented emergency situation.

Chef Hui Maui (Follow their IG for more updates)

Chef Hui Maui Hospitality Relief Fund

To directly aid restaurant & hospitality workers & their families.

Maui Musicians: Get Help with MusiCares


MusiCares provides crisis relief, preventive care, recovery resources, and need-based financial assistance for people across all music professions.


A number of local businesses are offering their support to residents of Maui by sending supplies or donating proceeds.

Shop Stonewear

They are pulling inventory & sending out sets to those who have lost everything. DM @shopstonewear on IG if you are or know someone personally affected.

Laine Honolulu

100% of their sales from 8/10-11 will support the Maui Strong Fund.

LVC Jewelry

100% of their sales from 8/10-16 will support Lahaina Fire Relief directly to families who have been affected & supplies needed at shelters.

Keiko Jewelry

100% of all profits from their “My Little Opihi” launch for the month of August will go towards: Maui United Way, Maui Strong Fund, & Maui Humane Society.

Our Garden Collective

100% of proceeds from the Lahaina Hongwanji sticker pack will be donated to Lahaina Hongwanji.

The ʻIwa Company

100% of their sales from 8/9-8/16 will be used to buy & send supplies to those in need on Maui.

Casey Kaui

All proceeds from the Maui Prints will be donated to Maui Rapid Response’s Mutual Aid Fund.

Sig Zane

All proceeds made this Friday (8/11) will be donated to support recovery efforts.


They are putting together care packages for Maui residents who are in need. If you know of any women or children on Maui in need of clothing, please email with: sizes, gender of clothing requested, & address they can be shipped to to receive the package (if no address yet, please let them know)

Pacific Birth Collective

Any Maui mamas, pregnant, in labor or newly postpartum that are displaced due to these fires and in need of support please reach out to PBC. They can help connect you to birth professionals or find items you need. Anyone in the community that can donate items, or services for those in need we will be setting up a drop off location at the Haiku Office. DM for more info and times.

Maui Divers Jewelry

Maui Divers Jewelry will be donating 100% of Online Sales to the Hawaiʻi Red Cross till August 16.

Honolulu Baby Co.

They are sending all our remaining online inventory to Maui. If you personally know any family with keiki size 6M-5/6T or girls size 10/12, please message @hnlbabyco so they can directly send.

Punky Aloha

100% of profits will be donated to Maui Relief (end date TBD).

Coco Kealohi

They are donating majority of their stock to those in need and will be donating 100% of proceeds to Maui Strong Fund, Maui Fires Fundraiser and will be used to purchase essentials to send to those affected. They will also be donating majority of their pāpale stock to help those who have lost everything.

Child of Wild

100% of proceeds from their Okeanós Abalone Necklace will go directly to Maui fire relief.


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