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Invasive Species, a Visitor Hawaii Doesn’t Want

After the past two centuries of visitors bringing new plants and animals to this island paradise, we have had some hard lessons in how invasive species can affect a myriad of natural systems.  State and county officials, numerous environmental agencies, non-profit conservation groups and Hawai´i residents alike are trying to [...]

Invasive Species, a Visitor Hawaii Doesn’t Want2021-06-10T08:00:04-10:00

Traveling to Hawai‘i During COVID-19 — Updated June 20th, 2021

What are the requirements for flying into and visiting Hawai‘i? Visitors from the U.S. mainland are allowed to avoid quarantine if they test negative for COVID-19 within 72 hours prior to the departure time of the final leg of their flight to Hawai‘i. (International visitors, except for those from Japan [...]

Traveling to Hawai‘i During COVID-19 — Updated June 20th, 20212021-06-19T16:35:48-10:00

Loco Moco, a Hawaii Culinary Masterpiece

  The Lodge at Kokee makes a truly classic looking moco. If you've visited Hawaii, and eaten at virtually any restaurant, you most likely will have seen an item called the Loco Moco. Consisting of four items (that you would virtually never think would go together) rice, hamburger, fried egg [...]

Loco Moco, a Hawaii Culinary Masterpiece2021-03-30T17:29:03-10:00


  Find fascinating history, legends and more in our guide books and apps. . Drive around Hawaii and you’ll see bumper stickers, posters and shirts that say, “Eddie Would Go.” So who’s this Eddie guy? Eddie Aikau was a pure-blood Hawaiian big-wave surfer from O‘ahu who, as a lifeguard at [...]

EDDIE WOULD GO2020-09-28T19:42:53-10:00
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