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Alii Kai I

(866) 922-5642
3780 Edward Rd, Princeville
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Most of these condo buildings are perched on the sea cliffs (except numbers 1 and 2). Bldgs. 3, 4 and 5 have the best views and can be quite dreamy, though the mountain views from 1 and 2 are really pleasing. Layouts of these 2/2 units are good with even the second bedrooms often having ocean views. Sounds do carry in these buildings. Decor varies a lot here from unit to unit—some feeling more dated than others. It’s worth it to splurge for the ocean view here. Don’t confuse this resort with Alii Kai II next door. Units (886–1,086 sq. ft.) are $150–$437. 3-night minimum.

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Oceanfront Realty

2020-07-10T11:38:02-10:00 Rating: Solid Gold Value

Emmalani Court

(800) 325-5701 or (808) 742-2000
5250 Ka Haku Rd, Princeville
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No real views at this condo property (except buildings 1 and 2), but pleasing, spacious, open layouts and excellent prices make it a compelling place. Most units are nicely furnished and well cared for. Grounds are nicely groomed, and the property seems quiet, though those in building 5 (and some of 4) may hear road noise. Some units have a/c throughout, some only in bedrooms or living rooms. Upstairs units have larger lanai. 1/2s (1,192 sq. ft.) are $165–$315. 2/2s (1,456 sq. ft.) are $225–$375. 3-night minimum from main agent listed.

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2020-07-10T11:47:37-10:00 Rating: Solid Gold Value

Hanalei Bay Resort & Suites

(877) 344-0688 or (808) 826-6522
5380 Honoiki Rd, Princeville
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This condo resort is located in Princeville on 22 acres of beautiful, lush and winding grounds. It looks and feels very tropical. You can’t drive to most rooms, but they will shuttle you around the grounds. The layout of the resort makes it feel quiet, even when they’re nearly full. 

The main swimming pool has a small waterfall next to the spa and a swim-up bar. There is also a much smaller pool on property that tends to attract a more peaceful crowd. Some people get frustrated that they can’t use the beach chairs at Pu‘u Poa Beach in front of the Princeville Resort. (The chairs belong to that hotel.) Hanalei Bay Resort will rent you a chair ($6 per day, cheaper if you rent for 4 or more days) to take down to the beach and pick you up (there’s a phone down there).

The lounge has always been a great place to have a drink, and they have food there.

2020-07-10T11:42:48-10:00 Rating: No Award

Hanalei Bay Villas

(800) 222-5541 or (808) 826-6585
5451 Ka Haku Rd, Princeville
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What a surprise. From the outside you’d expect poor views from these condo pole houses. One benefit here is that each unit is detached, so you most likely won’t hear your neighbors. The ocean is mostly blocked (you may be able to catch a glimpse of it from some buildings), and the quality of the construction doesn’t seem high. But the builders catered to the mountain views behind you, which are quite excellent. The decor varies—some good, others not so. Hope you like steps, because there are lots of ’em here. Two-story 2/2s or 2/3s (1,244–1,248 sq. ft.) $205–$300, 3/3s (1,219–1,364 sq. ft.) $215–$295 are spacious with the living area upstairs. 3- or 7-night minimum. There is an annoying $50 “reservation” fee and a 3- or 5-night minimum with agent listed below, but their units are less money.

2020-07-10T11:42:08-10:00 Rating: No Award


(800) 222-5541 or (808) 826-6585
3800 Kamehameha Rd, Princeville
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Although these condo units are reasonably sized, they have an enclosed feel (especially most of the first-floor units). The awkward design and poor use of angles makes you wonder if the architect stayed with the craft. Views are at best distant ocean over the golf course from some units. At least the kitchens are large. The building exteriors were looking in need of some maintenance on our latest visit. Lots of long-term rentals here. Try to get an upstairs unit if you face the golf course/ocean for a better view. 2/2s (1,145–1,759 sq. ft.) are $180–$230. 3- or 7-night minimum. The agent listed below has cheaper prices, and their units feel more updated.

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2020-07-10T11:36:46-10:00 Rating: No Award

Mauna Kai

(800) 222-5541 or (808) 826-6585
3920 Wyllie Rd, Princeville
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No real views from this condo property. Units are very large and worth the money if you need lots of wiggle room. Even the lanais are huge (in round buildings). Grounds are tropical. The floor plans are all over the place and so is unit decor (some great, others not so much). Try to get the round buildings; the square ones are closer together. This property used to be a good value, but newer condos in the area have eclipsed it. Grounds and buildings were still in decent shape on our latest visit. 2/2s (approx. 1,500 sq. ft.) are $205–$245, 3/2s (1,950–2,000 sq. ft.) are $250–$400. Some 3-bedroom units have a third bathroom. 3- or 7-night minimum from main agent listed.

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2020-07-10T11:35:24-10:00 Rating: No Award

Nihilani at Princeville Resort

(877) 877-5758 or (808) 987-3502
4919 Pepelani Loop, Princeville
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These 34 triplex buildings were completed in 2008. The close proximity of the buildings, lack of any decent views and roads (with noise) on three sides of the grounds give the property a claustrophobic feel. If you can get past all that, the interiors are pretty nice. Big bathtubs and separate showers in many of the bathrooms. Very pleasing layouts in the single-story 2/3 units, which at 1,567 sq. ft., make them very livable. We like the large dens and separate living rooms. The two-story 2/2 (1,406 sq. ft.) units are our least favorite layout here. They show Bali Hai views on their property map, but the views of it are not great, and only a few units can see Bali Hai, mostly buildings 16–19. (Even in some of those we had to walk out onto the second floor lanai to see it.) The pool feels small for a complex of this size. 2/2s or 2/3s (1,406–1,567 sq. ft.) are $139–$249, 3/3s or 3/4s (1,874–1,972 sq. ft.) are $149–$349. 3- or 7-night minimum.

2020-07-10T11:38:30-10:00 Rating: No Award

Pali Ke Kua

(800) 222-5541 or (808) 826-6585
5300 Ka Haku Rd, Princeville
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Some nicely furnished units, but they vary a lot. Nicely tucked away, offering privacy, but thin walls can make your visit less quiet if you have a noisy neighbor. Many units have very fine ocean bluff views, but it’s a bit pricey at rates listed below. Some of the layouts are a bit strange, and the bedrooms feel small to us. Second bedrooms on upper floor units are lofts. Some are enclosed and others are open offering less privacy. There is a private path to the eastern part of Hideaways Beach below the cliffs, which is where the BBQ area is located. It can be awkward carrying food down there. (This beach is otherwise only reachable by swimming from the western part of the beach). Units 3–16 have mountain views. 1/1 units (683 sq. ft.) are $215–$325, 2/2 units (1,067 sq. ft.) are $215–$350. 3- or 7-night minimum.

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2020-07-10T11:40:38-10:00 Rating: No Award

Plantation at Princeville

(800) 222-5541 or (808) 826-6585
4771 Pepelani Loop, Princeville
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These two-story quad condo buildings share the inside of Pepelani Loop Road with Nihilani at Princeville, but the grounds don’t feel as densely packed. The units are not as large as Nihilani, and there are no views here either, but it is a good value in terms of price, number of bedrooms, pleasing layouts and large lanai. The master bathrooms are gigantic. Many have large bathtubs but oddly small showers. If you happen to face the pool (which is lovely, by the way), you may hear noise from your lanai. The main agent charges $25 per day for a/c for some units. Unit garages may not be accessible to renters, but there is driveway parking. All 2-bedroom units are on the ground floor with 3-bedroom units above. 2/2s (1,153 sq. ft.) are $215–$225. 3/3s (1,318 sq. ft.) are $295–$350. 3-night minimum. The agent listed below has units for more money.

2020-07-10T11:39:05-10:00 Rating: Solid Gold Value

Princeville Resort

(833) 623-2111 or (808) 826-9644
5520 Ka Haku Rd, Princeville
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Note: The Princeville Resort, after leaving its branding as a St. Regis, is planning to become part of 1 Hotels and to be renamed “1 Hotel Hanalei Bay”. The hotel will be closed from May 1, 2020 until “further notice”. We will have another look after the dust settles sometime in 2021. In the meantime, below is our last review of the resort before its closure.

Fabulous location and view, but now with a beating heart that is considerably less Hawaiian, a bit more generic upscale. It’s been losing some of its polish as it waits to become part of the 1 Hotel brand. Arriving at the valet area, the hotel and Hanalei Bay remain hidden from view. A short walk down a wide hallway leads to large wooden pillars in the main lobby area, which continue to obscure the views from arriving guests.

2020-07-10T11:44:29-10:00 Rating: A Real Gem

Pu‘u Poa

(800) 222-5541 or (808) 826-6585
5454 Ka Haku Rd, Princeville
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Units at this condo are large and comfortable. Most units (especially higher floors) have commanding ocean views. Units vary depending on the care of the particular owner, but most we saw were nice. The great ocean bluff causes lots of seaspray-induced maintenance headaches. Many bathrooms have deep, round Japanese-style tubs or Jacuzzis next to the shower. Note that some of the unit owners have converted their lanai into a separate room (which they call an atrium). It’s nice, but your upstairs neighbors will be able to see you through the glass…so behave yourself. Their pool (unlike other Princeville condos) has a pleasant view of the ocean. 2/2 units (1,352–2,079 sq. ft.) are $325–$700. 3- or 7-night minimum. The below agent has units mostly of similar quality and price.

To view more agents’ units see:

2020-07-10T11:43:09-10:00 Rating: No Award


(800) 222-5541 or (808) 826-6585
3880 Wyllie Rd, Princeville
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These condos are two-story with four units to a building. The design gives units an open feel. Lots of long-term rentals, but some are vacation rentals. Upstairs can get warm, so consider opening the downstairs and upstairs sliding glass windows to get some air flow. The majority of units have no views because the Westin was built between this property and the ocean. Units 12–16 enjoy golf course views with some having distant ocean views. The pool here is very small. 2/2 units (1,312 sq. ft.) are $195–$250 depending on quality. Prices have come down in recent years making this a decent value for the area. 3- or 7-night minimum.

2022-05-12T14:08:53-10:00 Rating: No Award


(866) 922-5642
3700 Kamehameha Rd, Princeville
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Most of these condos have incredible ocean bluff views at reasonable prices. You’ll never get tired of gazing at the extensive offshore reef. Building A will require the most walking to your car. Bldgs. B and F have the poorest views but also the cheapest rates on the property. Units vary considerably in terms of quality from both agents listed. Some of them feeling like it is past time to update the furnishings. The “BBQ area” leaves a lot to be desired and requires a short but steep walk and your own charcoal. However at these prices it’s an easy place to like due to the location. Most units have washer/dryers, others use coin-op. 1/1 units are 567 sq. ft. and are a good deal at $150–$210, 2/2 units (second bedroom is a loft, making it 754 sq. ft.) are $150–$205. 3-night minimum from the main agent.

2022-05-12T14:05:01-10:00 Rating: Solid Gold Value

The Cliffs

(800) 367-8024 or (808) 826-6219
3811 Edward Rd, Princeville
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Most of these condo units are timeshares, but many are not. The room layout is good, especially the third-floor units with lofts (many have been enclosed for privacy) and high ceilings. Buildings 8 and 9 are have a great ocean view (but vacation rentals are never available in those buildings); otherwise, stick with garden views since other ocean views are pretty distant. Rooms in the rental pool, from the on-site agent, are pleasant and clean. All their units are decorated similarly. The pool is really nice with a quiet pool/spa for adults and waterfall area for keiki. Lots of stuff is available for free at the front desk, and their bikes rent for cheap, but you may only ride them around Princeville. They have a playground for your keiki, half-court for basketball, pickleball/paddleball court, mini putting green, two shuffleboard courts and even a sharing library on property. There’s a great BBQ hale on the bluff by the ocean.

2020-07-10T11:37:31-10:00 Rating: No Award

The Westin Princeville Ocean Resort Villas

(866) 837-4254 or (808) 827-8700
3838 Wyllie Rd, Princeville
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This condo resort was completed in 2008, and half of the rooms are timeshares, but many rooms are always available for rentals. The grounds here are lovely with a very pretty multi-level pool and keiki pool complete with waterslide and spouting honu (turtles). Thatched umbrellas around the pool are free for the taking. Poolside cabanas rent for $145 per day and include fruit and water. There are even two waterfall-edge plunge pools (about 4 feet deep) tucked on the side of buildings 2 and 3, and 6 and 7 with their own spas. (The one between 6 and 7 is best because it sits on the cliffs overlooking the ocean.)

The rooms are clean, spacious and modern, complete with Westin’s “Heavenly Beds,” deep whirlpool tubs, full kitchens and washer/dryers (even in the studios). The 2/2s are actually a studio and 1/1s joined at the hip.

2022-05-12T13:39:12-10:00 Rating: A Real Gem

Villas of Kamali‘i

(800) 367-5025 or (808) 245-8841
4141 Lei O Papa Rd, Princeville
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This condo property has one distinct difference from most Princeville condos—the view. These mostly two-story duplexes and a few triplexes sit on a sloping property with some killer mountain views. Best views are from units 29–40 near the bottom edge of the complex. Other units also have good views if you don’t mind looking at the many rooftops below you. Of the two layouts (Mokihana and Laukea), we liked the Laukea because it felt more spacious, but those are clustered more toward the uppermost part of the property. Most have a/c. Garage available for some. Prices have remained stable in recent years (while others have risen), earning this a Solid Gold Value. Located near the Makai Tennis Club. 3/3s (1,761–1,825 sq. ft.) are $180–$250. 3- or 5-night minimum. There is an annoying $50 “reservation” fee with main agent listed.

2020-07-10T11:40:15-10:00 Rating: Solid Gold Value