My Most Romantic Date Spots on the Big Island

Are you traveling to the Big Island with that special someone? Well, you’re in luck. The Big Island? It’s not just a big chunk of volcanic rock and picturesque beaches. No, it’s romance central. From starry-eyed nights to beachy delights, we’ve got you covered wit the most romantic date spots on the Big Island. 

My Top Romantic Date Spots on the Big Island

Keep Romance Alive Under the Stars

When was the last time you held hands with your sweetheart and gazed up at the universe? Too long, right?

The Big Island has some of the best stargazing in the world. It’s so good in fact, that NASA built telescopes at the peak of Mauna Kea. With or without telescopes, the view from here is truly one of the most romantic date spots on the Big Island.

Sitting pretty at about 13,800 feet above sea level, Mauna Kea is where science meets magic. Blanket? Check. Telescope? Check. Uninterrupted views of the glittering cosmos? Triple check!

If you want to go stargazing on Mauna Kea, home to the world’s finest and most coveted telescopes, you can drive to the visitor center on Mauna Kea Access Road and look through their telescopes for free and listen to their star talk. If you want more pampering (and don’t want to drive) Hawai‘i Forest & Trail does the best job. They’ll pick you up in Waikoloa or near Honokohau Harbor in Kona. Then they drive you to an old sheep-shearing station at the lower altitudes of Mauna Kea for a pretty good catered dinner, take you to the summit for sunset, then bring you back down to the visitor center for stargazing from their own telescope. While you sip hot chocolate and eat cookies, their knowledgeable guides do a good job pointing out—with lasers—the night sky. 

Share whispers, make a wish or two, and let the stars remind you of the vast, beautiful universe of possibilities together.

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Refresh Date Night with a Beachside Dinner

Imagine this: toes in the sand, tropical breeze ruffling your hair, the sun painting the sky shades of gold and pink, and a tantalizing dinner spread. Dreamy, right?

Nestled in Waikoloa, Lava Lava Beach Club isn’t just another eatery. Tables on the sand, ocean views, and let’s not forget – delicious island cuisine. You eat, you laugh, the sun dips, and the evening stars begin their dance. What’s not to love?

With such a beautiful location right on ‘Anaeho‘omalu Beach, you’re happy the moment you walk through the door. The ambiance is casual, and we love their open-air seating and live music. Killer location and pretty good food. But it’s not the food you’ll remember for years to come—it’s the dreamy setting. They don’t take reservations and waits can be long or futile.

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Move Your Romance to the Sea

Aspen has its ski slopes, Washington has its monuments, Orlando has Disney World, and the Big Island has the Kona Coast waters. Quite simply, if you visit the Big Island and don’t ply the Kona waters, you haven’t really been to the Big Island.

The waters off the Kona Coast are the finest in all the islands; in fact, the whole ocean is one of the most romantic date spots on the Big Island. Calmer, clearer and teeming with fish, Big Island waters make residents of other islands turn blue with envy. A popular way to see these waters is on an ocean tour. If you take one of the many tours along the coast, you may see turtles. You are likely to see dolphins, flying fish off the bow and whales during whale season. You will see smiles from fellow passengers. Choose a sunset cruise for pre-dinner sunset shmoozing.

Nothing Wrong with a Romantic Cliche

Take a long walk on the beach…the line’s old, almost comically so, but here on the Big Island, it’s reborn.

Sweeping coastlines. Whispering waves. Hand in hand, you wander, leaving behind a set of intertwined footprints. Every step, a memory. Every sigh, a testament to the beauty of simplicity. Cliché? Sure. Worth it? Absolutely.

Whether you’re looking to ignite a new spark or fan the flames of a time-tested bond, the Big Island has the perfect spot waiting for you. 

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