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145 N Kihei Rd, Kihei
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This large condo complex is in north Kihei. Views of the coast vary from nice to blocked. If you get an inside courtyard-facing unit, go above the first floor for better views. Most units we saw with the above agent looked adequate. Walls are thick and deaden sounds well. There are a lot of agencies that rent at this property, so check our rental agent list.

The biggest problem with Sugar Beach is the environment. This area is downwind from agricultural fields. Whenever work is being done in the fields of the Central Valley, dust get kicked up in huge plumes and covers the resort and surrounding area. This part of Maui is often windy (winds usually kick up around 11 a.m–1 p.m.). You’ll probably have a great time—when nature cooperates.

The beach it’s on is long and has okay swimming (but not snorkeling) during calm seas, but is really best for walking. Walk to the right on this beach, and you won’t see another building for 2.5 miles. There’s a putting green and a nice kitchen by the pool for guests. Rooms for 1/1s (709 sq. ft. includes lanai) starts around $260, 2/2s (1,518 sq. ft. includes lanai) starts around $350. 3-, 7- or 10-night minimum, depending on time of year. Discounts available.