Shoreline Hotel Waikiki

Shoreline Hotel Waikiki

by | Mar 17, 2012

This hotel started life as a place for United Airlines’ staff but reopened in 2013 as a boutique-type hotel. The rooms are on the small side in sort of a 1950s retro-modern design. It’s fun and very colorful. You will either love the décor or hate it.

Most rooms have showers, so if you need a tub, request one at booking. Some rooms have standing-room-only lanais. The pool is small and requires a walk up to the roof, so you may want to stick to the beach. The views from the rooms are pretty urban (despite the name), but if you are lucky, you may be able to see some ocean from the 11th floor and above. Daily coffee is available in the lobby with only tea and instant coffee (is that even coffee?) available in the rooms. Rooms are 224–264 sq. ft., junior suites are 450 sq. ft.


(855) 931-2444 or (808) 931-2444
342 Seaside Ave, Waikiki
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