Say Cheese!!!!

Selective Focus Photography of Woman Holding Dslr CameraThere are countless hours put into every sentence in our books. But double that amount of time (we know…how can you double something we describe as infinite?) for the pictures you see amongst the text. The pictures you see in our books can take hours, even days to get. I mean, a single shot.

Sitting in Hawaii waiting for the shot, we always like to reflect on where we are. It’s beautiful in every direction,  (you may be thinking,) how hard can it be to take an amazing photograph? Right? Well, that’s true. Beauty abounds but photography is about capturing that one perfect moment that translates a feeling, and makes you feel like you’re there. Sometimes it can happen within a matter of minutes, but most of the time it takes hours…even days, going to the same location at different hours to capture the correct lighting, or scene. Gee…don’t you feel bad for us? Some of our photos are taken from the air, so add to that, capturing a perfect shot from a tiny airplane in turbulence and wind. It’s a whole other challenge.

We aren’t trying to brag…the main point is, we love Hawaii and want to give you the very best photos that make you feel as though you are already here, and are true to life, not put through a litany of Photoshop edits. When you see one of our shots you can be sure it’s as close to what we actually saw, and we do it all for you. Feel free to vomit now.


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