Wailua Bayview

by | Mar 12, 2012

Very clean inside and out, adequately furnished for the money, with an excellent, elevated oceanfront condo location. It’s great to hear the roar of the ocean (and be so close to the beach). Units ending in 01–03 don’t have quite as good a view and can be noisier since they are closer to the main road and the 24-hour mini-mart across the street. Higher floors have better views, but lower floors are still admirable. Rooms farthest from the road have more private lanai. Most bedrooms have A/C. Surprisingly, though you’re so close to the water, there’s no path down to the beach. You’ll have to walk off the property first. Some discounts available online. Prices have crept up over the years, but are still a pretty good deal. Based on that, this could be considered a Solid Gold Value. There is no smoking allowed anyplace on the property. 1/1 units are 686 sq. ft. 4-night minimum.


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320 Papaloa Rd, Wailua
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